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WWD's mentions Pantone's Spring Summer 2020 colors

"Fashion is often an indicator of what is happening in the world and around us."

Colors to balance us, to calm us, to brighten our mood, to lift our soul.

At the same time, "we need those moments of calm to offset all the turmoil that is happening in the world around us.”

Pantone’s list of top colors for spring-summer 2019-20.

-Flame Scarlet 18-1662: fiery red

-Ash 16-3802: Gray, a great neutral

-Brilliant White 11-4001: clean, crisp, pure, modern.

-Navy Blazer 19-3923: deep blue.

-Lark 16-1324: khaki color, another neutral, with characteristics of being warm, secure

-Cinnamon Stick 18-1345: earthy and warm.

-Grape Compote 18-3513: mellow shade of purple, a new neutral.

-Sunlight 13-0822: pastel yellow

-Coral Pink 14-1318: soft, warm and welcoming

-Orange Peel 16-1359: orange is the new black.

-Mosaic Blue 18-4528: teal-isH blue with sophistication, grace and depth

-Faded Denim 17-4021: baby blue

-Chive 19-0323: healthy green, healthy diet

-Classic Blue 19-4052: deep dark navy

-Biscay Green 15-5718: cool, & refreshing

-Saffron 14-1064: yellow

-Flame Scarlet 18-1662: fiery red.

Stay Tuned.

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