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Fashion Statement Necklaces
Velvet, Sequin Satin Dress
Sequin Bolero.
Textured Bolero, with wristlet & Styled Necklaces. Strapless Velvet dress with Lace Overlay. Red Carpet Look. Night out attire. Red Carpet Dresses. Fashion Styling. Wardrobe Styling
Velvet, Sequin Satin Dress with Necklaces
Leopard/Zebra Print Dress
Polished Agate Necklace with multi color versatile wristlet
Fashion Statement Necklace
Red Carpet Dress accessorized with Wristlet & Necklaces
Fashion Statement Sheer Metallic Dress for stage Performances. Red Carpet Dress. Hollywood Glamours, Elegant Dress.
Elegant Black Long Dress with Train. Accessorized with Fashion Necklaces
Lace Tunic with Leopard Skirt & Sheer Overlay
Sequin Skirt with Peplum Top. Fashion Styling. Wardrobe essentials.
Snow White Inspired VelvetBolero with satin ribbon trim & Printed Dress & Necklace. Polka Dot & Textured dress.
Panel Wool Skirt with Silk Top
Dangle Earrings.
Sheer, Metallic Dress for Stage Performances
Red Carpet Dress
Hollywood Glamorous, Elegant Dress
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