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The New Now, On Sustainability

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Sustainability is a massive & broad topic.

It includes: People, Environment, Economic & Agriculture.

Much more than Fashion Trends.

Different Retailers are tackling it in different ways.

  • Social Responsibility

  • Brand Message

  • Mission, Vision & Values

Thoughts & Conversation on Sustainability:

Supply Chain

From cotton fields to sowing the crops (irrigation systems & how much water cotton is using) Is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

Brand Strategy and the Company's Philosophy.

By identifying oneself as a sustainable brand and being transparent about how the brand is sustainable.

Filtered through out.

Planet, People & Profit (Push & Pull)

Textile Point of View:

  • Carbon Foot Print

  • Raw Material

  • Where you buy your fabric from

  • Transparency from the suppliers (even though sourced in the city you reside in)

  • Where is it going to be manufactured

  • The working conditions of the employees

  • Logistics; (Transportation etc)

  • Government Certified ( getting the government bodies involved)

  • Fair trade (SA 8000)

  • Natural Fibers as opposed to Man Made.

Consumer & Sustainability:

  • Educating consumer about sustainability as well as educating yourself

  • Consumers will consider sustainability in their choices

  • Waste no more. The art of being Mindful

  • Protecting the natural resources, the environment & the natural Habitat

  • Spread awareness about sustainability and it will be considered in everyday life

  • Evaluate it & understand

  • Make it a choice

  • Quality vs Quantity

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