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New Collection

My Everyday Collection which can be worn from day to night,  is lightweight and inspired by the current trend, Chains, feminine, elegant & glamorous. The Collection is designed like chains but made out of colorful crystals, with the component, sparkle. Some of the pieces in the collection are long and some are semi-long. It makes you feel feminine and you feel like you are wearing something precious, meaningful, glamourous, and feminine. 

The Biggest hurdle today is trying to gauge the interest of clients, trying to understand what they like and what they don't. It is also to understand their budget, their point of view, and their state of mind and their buying habits and their choices. It's equally important to connect with them and to try to design and create what they need and want and to present them the collection and hope that they will appreciate, connect with it, find it meaningful, and will buy it.

Fashion Today is looking at the current situation and trying to adjust, trying to pivot and cater to the needs and wants of people and also to educate themselves and others about sustainability and organic choices. We are looking at quality vs quantity. We are looking to eliminate waste and to be mindful of our surroundings, our environment, our natural resources, and the habitat. We are looking for new ways to implement in our designs, to be mindful of the current situation, to provide production transparency and to source quality raw materials.

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