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Meet & Greet.

I want my designs to add joy, comfort and I want my designs to be uplifting. I want my collection to be beautiful, edgy, a statement piece that can even be worn with a basic T-shirt to give it an element of elegance, glamour, and some attitude.

I want my sparkle necklaces, dangle earrings to empower women so they can forget their everyday challenges or the challenges they had in the past. I want my Fashion Luxury Collection to be an armor to make women more beautiful and edgy. I want my collection to be one of a kind with one of a kind pieces. I want my clients to be stress-free.

My everyday collection is based on the Current Scene. Looking at what's happening politically and economically in the world today. We all are going through tough times and we need something that's uplifting and comforting. We need something that will uplift our moods and look good on screen, we all are multi-tasking and hosting and hold meetings online. We want something that would pop.

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