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History of Fashion!!

WW I & WW 2 had a profound effect on the History of Fashion. The war liberated women's fashion from corsets to. long skirts, to short skirts, to full skirts. which were less constraining.

The First Great Fashion Revolution of the 20th century took place before WWI & within the world of Parisian Haute Couture. Throughout the war, the French Government regarded the export of Couture garments as an important part of the war effort.

Fashionable dinner and dances were organized to cheer the soldiers who fought for their country. As a result Fashion had progressed.

Food for thought:

-How did the Revolution in Fashion lead to innovation and or development in fabrics?

-How did the change from corsets to full skirts come into play?

-How did the dressmakers in 1916 set on a mission to seek new creations?

-Did the government/soldiers borrow from Fashion or Fashion borrowed from the uniforms, practical yet stylish.

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