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Chanel & Its Values.

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Chanel is a brand that focuses not only on creation but it is also:

  • It is a human driven company committed to creating long term value for the brand and for the society

  • Chanel Foundation started in 2011

  • It is to promote women in the arts & the advancement of gender equality, sustainability, through arts & culture.

  • It partners with international institutes to improve economic & social conditions of women.

  • The foundation supports 35 projects in 50 countries.

Chanel Tweed Jacket & Suit

  • Was Inspired by the Austrian Traditional Jacket worn by the mountain natives & made from boiled wool, known as the Geiger Jacket.

  • The Chanel Jacket was lined & had trim at the front, collar/neckline & pockets with distinct jewel buttons.

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