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About the Collection.

I started designing jewelry in 2011. My whole concept was to create jewelry pieces that went well together with my cocktail dresses. It was an add on piece. I thought it was easy to carry and for those who just wanted something short & sweet. I added the components of Sparkle. I was amazed by the sparkles and it made me happy and I thought to myself, if it made me happy then it would make others happy as well. It was uplifting for me and added joy, a sense of comfort and I was just astonished by the sparkles. 

My collection is Cocktail Luxury for Night Out, Cocktail Hours, Special Occasions, Red carpet, Weddings & events. I look at the current trends, colors of the season, and incorporate that into the collection. There are a few of my favorite colors that I also add to the collection. Sometimes my clients tell me what color they like and I add those colors to the collection as well. 

In terms of design philosophy: "Something That Sparkles".

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