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About Soul by Tapti Tapan

Brand Aesthetics


Our mission is to provide refreshing & trendy cocktail accessories

Furthermore, we want to provide production transparency, raw materials, services that are good for the people & society.


Our values are to provide products and services that are going to problem solve & uplift. We are here to bring you style pieces that are a must-have, adventurous & spontaneous with Hollywood Glamour.

We want to make a conscious effort to give back to society.

We want to provide cutting edge, modern pieces that are going to make you look your best, the must-have wardrobe staples. 

From everyday staples to special occasion pieces, we offer fashion that fits your personal style. We want to add Hollywood

Glamour, night out spirit to our collection. Bespoke options are an added element.  We are adding a component of sustainability into the collection. We want to empower our loyal clients. We want them to look and feel good.

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