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Spring/Summer Trends 2021

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

  • Sustainability Trend: Home Spun. "Good Design grows better with age." Minimalism evolves with a more rustic heart. Women's design that say longevity, sustainability & craft

  • Color Palette: Earthy Tones. "The edit of neutral & natural tones has a timeless quality." Look to nature for a rich color hue that is eye catchy & comforting at the same time.

  • Colors have been divided into two categories:

  • Artificial colors: unnatural intensity designed for digital age. Colors need to pop on screen as well as in real life.

  • Enhanced neutrals: Washed & soft quality.

One of the trending colors: Neo Mint:

Mix of natural & clinical Greens. These hues are great for transitional ranges. Green has been gaining popularity for several seasons & have been picking up pace at retail.

The key Silhouettes:

Above the Key Board Trend.

  • Drop Waist

  • Relaxed, comfort & roomier

  • Easy & Timeless Pieces


  • Sheer

  • Layering

  • Airy, Voluminous

  • Pretty, Extravaganza

  • Trapeze

  • Tiered

Tailored Looks. layered.

Necklines above keyboard



Elevated Fastenings

  • Embellished. Metallic Embellishments.

  • Buttons & Clasps

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